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Ok, so yesterday I had a colonoscopy. It turns out I have ulcerative colitis, which basically means I have ulcers in my intestine. It's a lifelong disease that basically consists of breakouts every so often, but I can control it once I get the medication. Let me tell you, passing out INSTANTLY because of the anesthesia, and waking up not knowing what the hell happened is one of the freakiest/cooles experiences I've ever had. But waking up with the pain was not, lol. I'm just so glad I finally know what's wrong with me, and now I can get the medication to live normally again.

I stayed home from school today too because the effects of the anesthesia don't wear off until after 24 hours. But I think things are getting a little less stressful. I'm finally almost through with dealing with my coveted 3 tickets, AND with my applications for pre-college. The only things I have left to worry about are getting my slides finished ( but atleast my portfolio is done), AP exams, and finals. 

Ok I'm off to do my mkae-up work, finish traffic school, AND take slides once this crappy weather blows over.
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